If you find Google Analytics difficult to interpret,
My Simple Stats is for you!

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Get a quick and accurate view of your most important stats. Drill down for more details if you want to.

Finally, understand how visitors interact with your site.

Get down to the tiniest detail or stick to the bird’s eye view.

Bot visits are messing up your stats!

We filter bots out, giving you actual numbers for visitors that live, breathe and have a pair of eyes. You know, the type of visitor that actually buys from you.

What draws them in? Where do they leave? Who sends you traffic?

The Content section has many answers to improving your website’s content.

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Endless flexibility + emailed reports, on schedule.

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Track campaigns and goals - way easier than Google Analytics!

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Set custom parameters, heatmaps, media stats (i.e time spent watching your videos).

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Friendly, easy to read presentation of useful data.

  • Goals, conversions, campaigns
  • Accurate bounce rate
  • Heatmaps!
  • Local/internal search tracking
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Video and downloads analytics
  • Detailed Segments Data
  • Automatically emailed reports
  • Custom data tracking

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